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✧ the western snowy plover and the ten of cups ✧


    For your consideration, this is a 12” x 16” linoprint on 100% cotton paper.

This is the first block of the series titled, “Endangered Tarot.” This deck will contain an assortment of endangered and threatened animal and plant life to raise awareness.

Most if not all of these threatened and endangered species have been forced into these classifications of demise by the hands of colonialism through climate catastrophe. The snowy plover in particular has had difficulty breeding in their habitats on coastal waters because of disturbances from activities of humans and their animals as well as rising sea levels caused by the accelerated melting of land-ice which is rapidly transforming our coastlines.

To summarize this card, the ten of cups, when pulled upright represents harmony within communal bonds, fulfillment, emotional stability and security.

The combination of these two elements, the ten of cups and the western snowy plover exemplify a different trajectory for their future.

These prints as well as everything listed in the shop are offered at a sliding scale. The higher end of the scale is what it costs to make these while paying myself for my time. To learn more about how sliding scale works please visit the "Why Sliding Scale" tab on the top of this website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact form.

This print is hand printed in Portland Oregon, local delivery is available. If shipping, the print will arrive in a protective plastic sleeve and depending on your purchases, will arrive in a tube or flat mailer.

There are currently prints available on white and brown. Please specify color preference in order notes.


                   $45 - $60 Sliding Scale

    25% of all sales go directly to individuals and families in Gaza
    screenshots of reciepts can be found here



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