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Jewelry Care

To Store:
It is recommend to store and transport your adornments in the box provided, to avoid tangled chains or pieces knocking against each other. Avoid dropping your adornments onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece.

To Avoid Tarnishing:
It’s best to keep your adornments in a cool and dry place (out of direct sunlight) and remove before sleeping, showering or exercising.

Sprays and creams including soap, perfume, moisturizer and suncream can cause damage to some acrylic pieces and metal components, so it is best to remove your adornments before using any of these products.

To clean:

Gold Plated: A gold-plated piece can be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth, but make sure you dry it thoroughly. You can also purchase polishing cloths made specially for gold-plated items.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is easily cleaned with warm, soapy water or a silver polishing cloth.

Print Care

Since paper has a tendency to be fragile, it can wrinkle, tear, and bend, it needs to be handled with care.

When handling your print, touch only the edge of the paper, and gently place it in/out of frames. Consider where you place your print as an important part of preservation. Do not place in direct sun light or near any heat/water source.

Extreme temperature fluctuations cause expansion and contractions of paper and can cause a rippling effect on prints that are not surfaced mounted. Prints should never have any direct contact with the glass. Use only 100% acid free mounting and matting materials.

Humidity causes molding and discoloration spots. Storing art prints in a basement with high humidity and without air circulation can damage them.

Be aware that the oils and contaminants on your hands can cause discoloration and/or fading over time. Always lift the print by opposite corners (for example, top left and bottom right), letting the print gently bow or sag in the middle. Un-mounted prints and posters are vulnerable to crescent moon-shaped creases. Be careful to avoid dents and creases, since these can be very difficult or impossible to remove later

To store keep the print in its mounted frame. If you have loose prints, they should never be stored where the face of two prints are in direct contact with each other. Put each print into a separate folder of acid-free paper and store them in a horizontal position.