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✧ overgrow ✧

           For your consideration, this is a 13" x 19" Linoprint with archival ink on your choice of 100% recycled brown paper, 100% cotton white paper, or orange, pink, or red rice paper handmade in Nepal. Embellishment options include an embroidered sun or hand-cut gold vinyl overlay on the sun.

Inspired by a call for art in an effort to expand our imaginations on what it means to grow past this current system.

With the room for imagination within abolition, there are so many ways to imagine a better world, the problem is, how do we actually get there? Especially when we are striving to reach goals that we may not see in our lifetime, we must remember that our descendants (regardless of relation) will be continuing these struggles after our time.

I chose to decorate a vase because without water we cannot grow. The ocean glistens in the background, reflecting the shadow of the sun in the waters.

The first layer of symbols on this vase depicts a three day work week, imagining this post capitalism to me represents days in which we are tending to the land, our community, labor for ourselves and not the labor we think of under capitalism.

The second layer depicts torn money, eluding to its loss of power and desire due to the then normalized concept of redistribution of funds. Billionaires do not exist.

The third layer is inspired by the book, “From Turtle Island to Gaza” by David Groulx because our liberation is tied to each others globally.

The fourth layer is the three sisters, corn, beans and squash rooted together. Rematriation of the land begins with returning the land to the original caretakers it was stolen from.

The base layer of this vase is an ode to the Shuumi (translated to gift in the Ohlone language Chochenyo) land tax that is a voluntary annual contribution that non-Indigenous people living on the Confederated Villages of Lisjan’s territory (the Bay Area) can make to @sogoreatelandtrust This concept in this visualized future is common practice

These prints as well as everything listed in the shop are offered at a sliding scale. The higher end of the scale is what it costs to make these while paying myself for my time. To learn more about how sliding scale works please visit the "Why Sliding Scale" tab on the top of this website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact form.

This print is hand-printed in Portland Oregon, local delivery is available.
If shipping, the print will arrive in a protective plastic sleeve and depending on your purchases, will arrive in a tube or flat mailer.

There are currently prints available on pink, brown and white. Please specify paper color/print type in order comments!

                   $45 - $60 Sliding Scale

    25% of all sales go directly to individuals and families in Gaza
    screenshots of reciepts can be found here


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